coincidence? i think NOT

I’d rather think this



u fucken wot m8


Issala Adaar… ok so i went a little all out on it..  ”OTL

no you reblogged and ask me thing
+ gaytiburones


at 3 months: playdoh

at 21: I would have been blogging about Bully from Rockstar, most likely

send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old

"We can’t get a car in there. Come on! You can’t have a Batcave without a Batmobile."
“You can have a Batcave, man, just —”
“How are you gonna get a car in there?”
“It’s a car. It ain’t a boat.”
“Just ask him!”

i need to work on repeated in the next couple of days or i’m gonna crack

i also need to tag my gta log

and i’ll tag my justice league one as soon as i hear from the cass player

last night was one of those rare nights when my everything on my dash really cheered me up and so thanks everyone who was on last night

it was very necessary, and it worked really well

i feel your argument is weakened when you argue that they ‘made Rorschach straight in the movies’

which is a shame, because so much of that list is so important

actually there are multiple characters on that list that even the article is like ‘okay we’re actually padding the list here’

and i’m pretty sure they could have found more valid people for the list????